AirAsia Flight QZ8501 no possible survivor stall warning before went down

Once again so sad to hear this old news again. At least this flight AirAsia Flight QZ8501 crashed able to detect wreckage and recover of the dead passengers. Hope your spirit help us find out what happened so that we can prevent occurrences again.

The other flight MH370, was never found, not sure if it will ever be found, and as many know there will be a lot of speculation conspiracy theories and so on. People whom are in the conspiracy theories will off course take advantage of the missing Malaysian Air MH370 to back up whatever stories or theories they have.

So what we know so far on the cause of the crash for “AirAsia Flight QZ8501” isn’t terrorist attack, and probably not 100% weather related. Could be combination of each factors from bad weather, pilot error, and engine mechanical technical failure such as the STALL warning heard from flight recorder.

This just frighten me everytime I need to fly. Sometime I think it’s better to drive, but there are fatal car accidents everyday. Taking train safe? no, there are also fatal train accident. Walking? no you can hit by a car or something and died. Stay home don’t go anywhere? no the roof can collapse on top of you or some other natural disaster. The bottom line is everybody will died, whether at home live in a cave or frequent travel daily for business flight, we all can have similar chances of getting killed. So live life to its fullest, be nice to each other, and be happy and share the wealth 🙂