[All Reds][Waiting] Coingeneration.com payment gateway all reds

Just in case you don’t know, in which case you should have known, or already know LOL Coingeneration.com DigitalGeneration DG CG having problems paying again. Same old program, one broken promise after another, one lies after another, and more lies. In this case in regard to payments. Coingeneration.com now have sufficient funds to pays, Payment Gateway, e-wallets has been off and on reds orange green few days ago. Then ever since yesterday, all e-wallets has been red!, no communication, no updates, no support in Chat room that can answer why. The news updated on the blog was old posted on Friday night last week for the last Monday, now is Wednesday.

The sad thing about this is that many people gained respect and trust giving Coingeneration.com another chance, believing in them that they have funds to pay for the next couple months. Unfortunately barely a month and now they ran out of fund or just don’t want to pay. Many speculation indicated that Coingeneration.com take a portion of members investments pocket it, and the rest to pay other members. Coingeneration.com sometime doing selective payments to certain group of people, if not then pay based on new investments deposit to pay whoever lucky enough fast enough to click on e-currency payout!