Are you feeling the pain of Bitcoin mining yet? Did you recover money from your GPU or even BFL equipment?

Bitcoin BTC at mtGOX, almost everyone whom requested Wire Transfer ACH cash out of there never got their money since June 2013 and today is mid October 2013 four months already and no one received their money from MtGOX after selling their BitCOIN BTC.

Bitcoin GPU miner, USB Eruptor, FPGA, even BFL Jalapeno miners, all are loosing money and not able to recover their cost quick enough before next level of difficulty rises. The level of difficulty kept on sky rocketing while the people whom ordered late are getting their equipment not fast enough, delay after delay and by the time they got their equipment the level difficulty rises way to high and kept on getting higher they’re making only tens of dollars a month, which they will never be able to recover the cost of investment. Only those lucky ones that orders first will be able to make some money.

BTC price currently pretty much stable $100s it’s not going up or down much.

For people whom ordered late for BFL equipment or even KNCMiners and other BTC miners should consider getting a refund or upgrade to the next generation of Bitcoin miner otherwise you’re making crap money $, so be careful, it could be a waste of money, better to buy BTC instead of mining it.

Litecoin LTC price going down and down deeper than ever, look like it’s dying. So people with GPU mining still hoping to make money with LTC litecoin mining, better think twice as the price gotten to double digit soon.

So what’s the good news? Well – it’s fun, entertaining, exciting for a bit, learning process. Some veterans miners make quite a bit of money, for newer miner late in the game just barely above water breathing. Most of the time, it is true that people must get into the game early and make money and then jump 🙂