Bitcoin BTC difficulty level skyrocketing currently at 87 million

Just in case you missed, the current difficulty rate of mining for Bitcoin BTC is at 87 million or 86933017.7712 to be exactly. You’re nuts if you still mine with GPU LOL, USB Eruptor you’re making nothing, BFL Jalapeno you’re making $90 a month if you have it yet from BFL LOL which not fully been shipped yet still months and months back order but the time you get it, your ROI would be a loss, making $10 a month for a $300 equipment! do the match, how long would it take you to get your ROI? isn’t it a loss? yes it is.  Even with a 30GH/s 60GH/s already shipped 50% people aren’t making enough to pay for ROI, so BFL equipment whoever haven’t got it yet, you’re loosing money when you get it, so think twice before placing future order with BFL equipment due to their broken promise on estimate dates of shipping pushing out as much as 1 year back order people haven’t gotten their order yet.

BFL said their 600 GH/s will ship end of the year! yeah good luck for anyone whom believe in that, more like mid 2014 or summer 2014 is when they will start to ship. There has been speculation that indicate BFL Butterfly Lab take people pre-order money to build equipment to mine Bitcoin themselves to the extend that when they see no profit or little profit user can make then they start shipping it to the buyers, now the buyers have it but it would take six months for the buyer to get their ROI. Also another speculation that not only BFL or KNCMiner BTC miner manufacturer trying to control the Bitcoin level of difficulty. So How do we stop this?

How do we stop Butterfly Lab, KNCminer and so on from lying to us? EASY! DO NOT ORDER Preorder equipment, or make laws that required these manufactures to have the products on the shelves ready to ship before taking people’s money. Today they’re taking people’s money, build the equipment then mine it themselves to make money, and then ship it to the customers when they feel no big profit can be make themselves. This need to stop! So people please stop pre-order! or others please work on requirement that would enforce laws for these manufacturers to ship the products as promise or required products ready to be ship before taking people’s money.