Butterfly Labs 30 GH/s arrived and also ebay 60 GH/s also arrived

I believe I got a good deal with ebay on the 60 GH/s, the seller said he was desperate for cash, so he willing to sell it to me for $1250 but I paid $1276 for it and got the unit today, it’s not 100% new but looks new, missing Butterfly lab warranty card though, however all accessories were there. Hook it up and took a while to figure out to figure out that cgminer not working well with it, so I had to use bfgminer, I don’t see any different honestly.

The 30 Gh/s I got directly from BFL mine at ~30 GH/s. The 60 GH/s somehow never able to get to 60 GH/s, always around 57 to 58 59 the max, not a big deal I guess. We can’t overclock these by the way. So it’s mining right now, and I have a total of 93500 MH/s which will pocket me $1000 a month for just letting it run, and probably about $10-$20 of electricity the most. Comparing to my GPU ate about $500 a month.