[CLOSED] Geniuscapital.net HYIP thought to be the next longest living online investments WRONG

To many people surprise. Geniuscapital.net only lasted 4 months. Today Geniuscapital.net totally closed. It has been a SCAM for about one week, after 3-4 months of consistent instant payment, and as more people pouring in, it turned into Fraud SCAM, emptying its bank account and left. Sad thing, these types of programs online HYIP no one can do anything about it, not even the authority or payment processors especially EGOPAY and PERFECT Money, totally irreversible, only one way transaction, no such thing as dispute. Sometime the payment processors don’t even take any action even though hundred reported SCAM.

Now you might be in luck if you use STP (SolidTrustPay), they might be able to frozen the account belong to Geniuscapital and then 6 months later, they will do a prorated refund if there is any fund left in Geniuscapital.net account. Sadly, these types of HYIP Geniuscapital are pretty smart, they emptied their SolidTrustPay (STP) account before stop paying its members.

So folks, please be careful! My expectation of Geniuscapital.net were 1 – 3 years, but apparently only been 4 months and it’s SCAM FRAUD stole people money and closed the website. Well it’s kind of better than Topcapitalist.com, this website still up and people who doesn’t know still invest in topcapitalist and realized its not paying, and too late, money already transferred via Perfect Money or EGOPAY cannot be reversed. As oppose to Geniuscapital.net and others such as After90Days.org also, they ¬†closed down completely! just disappeared one day, everything gone.

Lesson learn here: Some of us HYIP investors might be smart, using our own strategies to invest, get in and get out fast quick!, but for many people it’s hard to do this, not everyone will get in and get out fast. As they saw money going out pocket, they willing to take a big risk to get more money as a result loss in thousands or more. All HYIP are bad, one day it will just simply became SCAM, or close out totally with no trace. The indication that everyone would have caught were. All of a sudden they announced successful, implemented Chat room, giving out free $10 money as contest, talks about future expansion and plan, these were all tricks. The tricks works! people investors pouring in, invested multi thousand dollars, 15 days later which is the time it would take for Geniuscapital.net and other SCAM HYIP to empty their bank account and run away. All cashed! the website closed down, with no trace, because all were anonymous registrations, or also possible false or stolen identity.

Bottom line. Do Not invest in any high yield investment programs online. You’re better off that take money and go out have nice dinner with your friends and family. Get a real job, online is available. Never again HYIP. I gave up!