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There’s a new website launched similar to strategies. Make money running some program 24 hours a day, who knows what those programs does, many speculated that the program is fake just a way of steering you a way for them to make looks legitimate. So there are three that I know, you already launched for almost one year 6 months in paying now they’re not paying because of payza problem, but people didn’t use payza have same problem didn’t get their out. a copy of live on November 1st 2013 a copy of live on November 1st 2013

Now with it’s still being developed, promised to have website up and running on August 15th 2013, it actually worked on August 16th 2013, which is not bad they into issues. With a promise date of September 1st the program will be ready for download and run and make up to $2 max a day per IP addresses, I don’t know about multiple computers, $2 per computer? on the same IP another computer $2 more dollars? don’t know.

Then last but not least and I’m sure many more out there,¬† is the newest one in the same category. Not sure how they will pay or how much they will pay or if any program will need to be running 24 hours a day. Seems to be in competition. Watch out! research carefully before you invest. Come up with your own strategies. most people jump in and jump out fast with HYIP before they shut down themselves or my payment processors.