current payout error messages

Let say if you have 2 threads, and if the payment processors you selected have no funds or emptied or for whatever other reason they don’t want to pay you, you would get this error message, for a 2 threads account, for 89 threads it would change the # 2 to 89. Let’s break down the error messages.

Payment cannot be done – this tied to problem with the payout payment processors, either have no fund left, or frozen in term of not paying anyone, or simply was manually configured by staff to populate that error message just for fun.

We kindly request to withdraw amounts greater than $xxx via bank transfer. Well this is misleading because Bank Transfer never reported work for payout. So very misleading, it has not been working, but hopeful will work one day if here to stay.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation – This is just a nice professional message, which makes us feel some hope left. A better indication would be, a lot of people proven that they had gotten paid weekly at least for amount of less than $50 or so, some recently confirmed that they got paid $99 to $100 … so that’s very good news.

It is very frustrated indeed many users encountered these messages everytime they tried payout! imagine being asked to try again and again and again and it never work.

Payment cannot be done

We are unable to process your request at the moment, please check back later. You may request as many payouts per day as you want however please note that maximum payout amount per user is currently $2 per day at the moment.
We kindly request to withdraw amounts greater than $2 via bank transfer.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.