denial service attack DDOS?

According to the blog at, they’ve indicated yesterday and probably prior, they endured severe denial service attack DDOS, taken them by surprise. I guess this explain why their server (web) up and down over the past few days, and I believe what they’re saying is accurate. Because at one point I can see nslookup linked to an ip start with 65, and that IP was re-routed to which is local host, it’s a typical method of sustaining the DDOS attack. Now today I noticed the IP address of changed totally to 162, but when checked hours later, the ip changed back to

However this denial service attack on doesn’t appear to impact the ThreadManagers. It appears to be working fine. Only the website portion of it was impacted, http.

All this time people thought that prepare to run away or they’re working on the payments preparation for October 15th 2013 for all payments issue to get resolved. Keep this in mind below was word.

press release for October 2013
we will have all payment issues rectified by October 15th
Payza payouts will be available starting October 21st
PayPal payouts in November