Digital Generation DG made revision to their blog in regard to payments

According to changes monitored at It has been changed. basically asked users to be patient. They’re working on backlog of payment via Money Perfect, although many users still reported not getting paid via other payment processors such as Paxum and Egopay. Payza hasn’t show up for US users and countries yet either, or if payza will be use in the future. It has been confirmed some payments via egopay less than $50 some lucky users will get approved instantly, while others are receiving messages such as out of fund or “Payment cannot be done”. So it’s not really 100% up and running but for sure better than when the problem started, so hope are still there. Although there are many people still very upset, tired, and don’t believe what Digital Generation are updating on the homepage and blog, as merely to kill time or take a portion of the new money deposited via threads purchase and pocket it, and only use 50% to pay to users, hope this is not true, although it seems true. In reality, the concept exist and real, but the demand for power computing is unknown, based on this unknown we can only speculate on how coingeneration make money if all, since they already indicated there isn’t much demand for it. So as a result people are guessing they invest the money on something else, and hope to make a profit and pay to the users but also kept a big portion of it. Again hope is rising since they’re paying, that’s what matter the most, many don’t much care anymore if threads manager are actually doing something. digitall generation dg are making payments took actions to prevent fraudulent digitall generation dg are making payments took actions to prevent fraudulent