Digital Generation DG making payments but using new funds from new members?

Once again, new speculation indicated that Digital Generation DG are making payments but not with the money have taken from older members or money that were pocketed before Payza incident. People are saying that indication of those error messages such as Payment Cannot be Done, 5 payments per day etc. is misleading. What really happen is that the fund in those payment processors available as a result of new members purchased threads and the fund will be available for others older members to withdraw, mostly never funded or deposited any major amount of money for payments to their members, if they did then why don’t they funded in large amount each time if it’s a real business any amount would do.This is another reason or indication the instant payments withdrawal is set at $50 or less limit, if over $50 it will stay in pending forever and ever. $50 cost is for one thread so when users or members purchased, it’s $50 increment, therefore withdrawal for older members in $50 increment, you get the picture? so yeah no doubt aren’t using any older funds that they already pocket to pay but just using new funds that’s why a lot of time people cannot get withdraw because of no fund, no one purchased threads so funds for payout.