Digital Generation DG News Update Digital Generation DG released news on its member’s homepage. Indication that they’re still working on issues and now even talk about enable Paypal payments WOW! I think that’s a big WOW!! However isn’t that a big risk to take even if for payments to DG? but it’s not a risk at all for payments to the members as I’m sure no one would complaint that they’re getting paid LOL, so paypal payments to members from coingeneration is good. Paypal payments by members to coingeneration DG not a good idea. I’m sure it’s payment in this case paid by DG to its members that should work out fine. As we can see based on this udpate, DG are working on it, however it does seems a bit strange that they don’t focus on paying all the balance that has been profit by its members, most if not all payments are in pending status for over months and still pending despite multiples news that DG released that they’re funding and making payments, well that’s not really true, maybe a handful of people got the payments not all.

News update
We are making update to the script to enable PayPal payments, please bear with us while we configure our in-call phone verification system to proceed with unblock of accounts.
So far we have not received report on completed refunds from Payza and therefore are forced to keep the limitations until we have all info in place.
There is currently a mid six figure amount of remaining balance that we are awaiting from Payza to re-instate payouts via Payza.
We expect to be able to accept EgoPay that was previously funded via Payza by the end of this week as well.
It takes us a bit longer than we expected to resolve all the formalities and may assure all members we’ll rock this place no matter what it takes us.

United we stand, DG Staff