Good news everyone payouts are here

Good news for non-US residents folks on coingeneration, while USA folks will still have their account frozen cannot get payout and there is no ETA on when. So people from USA, don’t expect any payment soon. So for folks that are outside the USA, check the countries that has restriction lifted , you’re lucky getting paid, for many people from the USA and these are the folks from the USA that had purchased 100 threads, the majority of USA folks purchased 100 threads much more than other countries invested on coingeneration will not get any payout soon, there isn’t an estimate on when USA or America folks going to get their payout money. When asked to Admins when will will America USA folks get payment payout withdrawal, the answer was they don’t know, so based on that not anytime soon. So America people US folks, most of you investment 100 threads probably have over $5K thousands of dollars waiting to be withdraw, but have to wait longer, no estimation on when although supposed to be this week, but this week coming to an end, tough luck. Certainly hopeful not never, but an estimate date would be nice, even a month ahead. Better to have overestimate than no estimate or broken or an estimate cannot be delivered. If you invested closed to 100 threads that’s $5000 of cash you put out of your pocket, and it’s been almost two months you haven’t got payment. For the countries that can get payment today those are the countries that people have very little money poor country most people, mostly trial thread, and some with 1 or threads, which is nothing compare to richer country such as America USA when they spent five thousand dollars for threads making $100 a day, versus these countries mentioned below making $1 or $2 a day, which is nothing and shouldn’t have problem making payments while the people who invested the most money in America USA have to wait longer for how long who knows could be weeks and months coming soon.

Good news everyone, payouts are here.
Good news everyone, payouts are here.
By Joao on Wed, 09/04/2013 – 10:07
To all our customers who have believed in us in these troublesome times, we are proud to announce that the following countries are having accounts opened automatically for payouts:

Portugal, Italy, Germany, Czech Republic, Australia, Austria, France, Slovakia, Dominican Republic, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Netherlands, Romania, Spain, UK, Switzerland, Brazil, Canada, Finland, Greece, Israel, Luxembourg, Saudi Arabia, Slovenia, Spain, UAE, BVI, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Russia and Ukraine.

All accounts in the countries mentioned above will be opened automatically by our system for Payza, Paxum and Egopay payouts.

The countries not mentioned in the list above, will be on hold as we validate users.

All users who didn’t use PAYZA and that are NOT in a HIGH RISK COUNTRY will have their account running normal to withdraws.

All users who funded their accounts from PAYZA in the past, will have their accounts currently on hold to prevent chaos and attempts of hacking.

We will apply a limitation of 5 daily withdraws, without a maximum per transaction.

Payza disputes are almost over and again for all those who still have their disputes open we suggest to cancel them as we find it more appropriate for DG to handle refund requests and not the payment processor.

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