loss large amount of Bitcoin at

You know what they say! What goes around! comes around! How DigitalGeneration DG CG treated its older members Stocker Holder Founder position, now get a taste of its medicine. has been using Mtgox as bitcoin acceptance payment method to buy threads. Mtgox had a few problems for a while, the biggest was when mtgox can no longer make bank wire transfer out to US users, some older than six months old and still have not gotten their money. Then lately Mtgox blamed on technical issues with Bitcoin algo. it can no longer handle Bitcoin transactions. Then just last night, Mtgox website went offline, all its contents blank out. No longer showing any contents.

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A lot of people still have money cash in Mtgox waiting to get bank transfer wire out, but cannot. Some people even flew to Japan Mtgox office and protest, but the office moved and so does the protesters. The result of the protest was ineffective, I mean we’re dealing with non-regulated currencies here, the authorities not going to get involve that easily unless there’s a big lawsuit where lawyers and officials can benefit, other than that, non-regulated business you are working with them or using them at your own risk, and if you tried to burn them down or hire mafia to kill, you will be in jail for a long time, not worth it.

So what does this have to do with DigitalGeneration DG CG btc-o-matic? Well, they do business with mtgox, using mtgox as merchant to accept Bitcoins from members buying threads. I personally purchased many threads using Bitcoin when it was $80 a Bitcoin, I didn’t really loose money because I mined those coins with my laptop. So must have a lot of Bitcoin in mtgox still today. At one point said that they will sell 10000BTC to pay its members but that never happen, and do you know why? because mtgox could not move the money to them. In fact, the protesters flew to Japan could be one of the people whom ran, they get a taste of their own medicine, see how they feel now.

Just to reminds everyone. currently only pay new investors, but will be a short period of time for the members to get lure in, trapped in reinvesting, invest more, refers more to invest, and then making up excuses for not paying again. This cycle has been repeated several times already and many new members does not know this, and some older members even continue to invest and believe in this ponzi scheme scam business. The majority of the people are loosing large amount of money at and never got a penny back. way of business are lied, lies, making up stories, motivate people with professional news update written but all lied lies, and misleading news to motivate investors to give them money, in return will get paid but only for a short period of time and each investors are being managed separately, they know when you will stop investing and freeze your account in a way that makes you think it’s technical issue, but they did on purpose to keep your money cash out to bank and keep on making excuses. The chat room has been dead for a long time since the SCAM was revealed.