update? Nothing! and Nothing! just same auto date message for payout update? Nothing! and Nothing! just same auto date message for payout. That’s right folks, don’t waste your time hanging around in the chat room, or keep on checking the website, there isn’t any updates development, if there is and then you guess it, just plain make up reasonable messages, promise this and that but never deliver. The scary thing is that can do this and they’re not afraid because they do it, no laws can shut them down, only you folks can shut them down, there isn’t laws out there that will make them pay you, so forget that.

Is there any good news at all? not at this point. Because it’s been over 1 week, the payout request payment button when people click on it, it simply appeared with a message telling the users that they’re working on the issue, blaming DDOS attack for wrong earning calculation, blaming DDOS? that has been a week ago, and the signed message date automatically changes each day with the system time, making it look like current time current update when the message was written.

Surely enough there are several users came online and said they got paid, why only them no one really know because again isn’t transparent as they say they will be. So far, what they have said lately haven’t got deliver yet, and for sure they will new reasons for reasons they cannot deliver their commitment.

It’s scary sometime to think, they can do this, and no one can force them or shut them down, and most people think shutting them down will not do any good and they know it, because they would just disappear with your money, the truth is, there isn’t any new funds being deposit into their payment system paxum or egopay or newer one, those money in there were they purchased threads money by new users. If did deposit or transfer fund for people to get payout, they would have enabled the payment for everyone. Selective group of users could play in, these group of users might be newbie, that just joined recently and probably purchased thread using paypal which is very strict will for sure locked in a couple months or less and then people would encounter problem similar to payza. will play with the users again this time saying holding their fund and thus they cannot make payment. This will go on and on and on, always new story, new reasons, new commitment that they will never deliver if they do, it would be just a drop of water, instead of turning on all the full flow of water from the pipe. That’s their game, clearly!

In addition, their SUPPORT_DG_# admins or chat room supports folks, these staff appears in red, now it clearly show that they don’t know anything, why pay these staff working in the chat room when they know anything? they can’t answer any questions, all they do is say, “I don’t have that information” this tied to support people before they shut down and run away with people’s money. However to give them some credit, they did activate some user trial threads but people asking for threads are also decreasing. These supports folks in the chat room are useless, a waste of time if coingeneration did indeed pay them money for supporting. Better to just allocate them to work on tickets or resolve issues mentioned, instead of wasted useless time in the chat room.