updated payment pops up message payment later today? updated it’s message on the payment request pops up message. Just in case you don’t know, it’s a button where users would click on to withdraw money. It has not work for over 1 week, going toward week # 2 and probably¬†inevitable, eternalty as many would say in the chat room and other blogs and forums on the internet. Yes it’s that bad, although some, maybe a few have positive feedback about DG, and those people might have some kind of affiliation to I’m sure those that talks positive about in chat room merely to be present for Admins to see and perhpas prioritize them to get withdrawal first so they can gives good reviews about coingeneration, if that’s the way it go, DG is making a mistake there as if they focus on the negative feedback people to give them priority to get payout they will write positive feedback.

Anyhow back to the point, back the error message that continue to pops up, people account being blocked prevent payout message below. This is a new message, and the way DG play is they update message but it’s the same outcome result people cannot withdraw payout. Their message have a signed date of auto date to today’s date. So tomorrow when you login and check you would see same message with with new signed date. That’s how play to fool you, thinking the message is new and signed on that day. Unfortunately it will not be a surprise for anyone now, if that message or similar message will be around and keep saying today daily for the next few days and probably toward the end of the month and could go on further. So far nothing DG said that they will do ever happened, let alone they’re giving specific date. This problem has been going on since late June 2013 and today is end last week of October 2013, so it’s been 4 months and no fix for the whole community. Sure people were able to withdraw once in a while but not even enough to cover their cost, their ROI, their stress, their worries, their emotional feeling and off course some people invested their lives on coingeneration. released new news on payout pops up message indicate resolve today as in today tomorrow and next day as today released new news on payout pops up message indicate resolve today as in today tomorrow and next day as today

Payment cannot be done

We are performing our final security audit and will start to release payments later today, please check back shortly

Digital Generation Administration 21 October 2013