Coingeneration updated its member’s homepage message SMS Authorization & Comments Digital Generation DG also updated its homepage members area with the below message. It’s sort of good news, but also bad news. The good news is that they appear to be working on a better verification system, due to previous cheating and hacking attempted in the past. People would get multiple free threads run on various IP address or simply get 30 days trial each month by resetting their IP address, it’s simple to do actually, get 30days free trial thread with current IP, after getting paid $30, renew ISP ip# and get another 30 days trial thread, these are what the hackers cheaters are doing, some even with multiple trial threads so they’re earning multiple $30, imagine 10 account that’s $300 a month and sadly these people get paid and the people whom invested the most money purchased 100 threads are still limbo, that doesn’t seems fair is it? Hope this get fix. As many people with 100 threads has been waiting over 1 month or 2 months and still did not get a single replied to their tickets or pending status just sit there. The other bad news appears to be DG doesn’t appear to be able to sell it’s processing power, so if they’re not able to do that I don’t how business going to run and be profitable for them make payment to members.

SMS Authorization & Comments
Due to some technical issues with our SMS gateway we have decided to replace the existing SMS verification system with a cutting edge reverse call verification platform. Continuous growth is a positive factor and we find it important to make some necessary changes to help us improve our infrastructure and ensure that hard work of all affiliates has maximum conversion of their efforts into actual earnings.

New members are right to be concerned about some glitches they might experience within their first steps, and not only it can cost them some funds to verify their
account by sending back SMS but can actually put them out of business after dropping by at the chat room. Our chat remains “free speech” zone as we respect all members rights to express their comments in public but we do consider to “tighten up belts” for the troublemaker and cheaters as a courtesy to our honored and valued members.

Digital Generation is one of the largest projects on the web and as a result our current user’s mark is about to hit 500,000+ members now! At the time this post was written another $1 mln was allocated for upcoming payments the next week. Our current payout level is 20 times higher versus inward payments but regardless what the ratio is a significant injection of $14 mln is planned to take place on 23rd of September to cover all pending requests we have so far.

So how much does DG cost? Well, the service we provide doesn’t have a good market value per core. However, it’s important to bear in mind the TOTAL
cost of this service – there are other elements that need to be considered that are likely to be much higher profitable for us rather than distribution of gains we receive from selling threads.

There will always be a certain number of “false claims” against DG by so-called “genuine users” who have been requested to explain their “instant teleport” between countries from which they’ve accessed their accounts or other similar cases of suspicious behavior.

Verdict: Perhaps not all but the most determined fraudsters will have their accounts blocked by our automated system in the future and will be requested to make an outgoing *FREE* call to our dedicated number to verify their actual phone/location.

Utilizing sophisticated technology and advanced software, DG is to get much better and faster than virtually any other system available today.

We guarantee that ALL honest users will have
NO hiccups receiving their earnings from DG.

Are you with us?

Truly yours,

The Management