[DG Stock SCAM] Many people in coingeneration.com chat reported earning being paid silly but 100 times smaller

Just a brief update based on the information in the coingeneration.com chat room gathered since yesterday, let’s highlight a few things.

  • DG Stock – it doesn’t exist, coingeneration.com can apparently manipulate the price anytime its want to, it is not regulated or controlled by external party. So yes, it’s ┬áSCAM. Think of it as, you ask money for investment, and you pay back investors by making up interest rate 0% .00001% anything you wan. Again coingeneration.com DG is not the same as the real DG company on the New York stock exchange common stock also price $12, apparently a fraud to copy this company. Keep in mind also once u became Founder DG stock, you cannot go back to normal user, there isn’t an option at the moment, but SUPPORT_DG said it will be available soon, well you know the word soon, “soon pigs will have wings and fly” that’s how soon it is, but in the end soon is not even coming, they come up with new strategies and stories.
  • Gateway Status – green for PAXUM and EGOPAY, members whom purchased founder position DG Stock got paid. However the payment were very little, instead of 99 to 100 a day threads with referrals, now being paid based on the amount of DG stock purchased, from $1 to $4 a day for most 99 100 threads. This is a confirmation coingeneration.com is very manipulative.
  • New earning calculation – confirmed by many members. Your available balance would be from, “Daily Dividends” + your 1 thread + your referrals, that’s it. In term of referrals, if the person you refer also converted to Founder DG stock, you will be getting commission based on their earning like you also. So it’s not $20 based on their 100 threads if they have 100 threads, but rather based on their $4 or whatever they’re earning like you. However it’s not been confirmed if the person you referred didn’t convert to Founder or DG stock, and let say he or she have 100 threads, the commission would be $20, not confirmed.
  • Moral from members – based in chat room, people are very upset about this, and would like to convert back to normal members. Converting back to normal members will not happen anytime soon, and will probably never will, as coingeneration.com will work out new strategies for those members. If you’re a normal members today, you get no payout, and no ETA on when either.