[Do not invest in any HYIP] After90days Topcapitalist Geniuscapital all play same similar game

Totally agree, it’s a lot of risk investing on HYIP. Many people think they can outsmart these HYIP, but investors failed. The trick that Geniuscapital.net play were indeed genius. Invest certain amount of money, and get 2% back daily, and after certain period of time you get the original amount back. It work well for about 3 – 4 months. Then they started to pull out their genius trick.

Geniuscapital.net genius trick is after 3-4 months of instant payout consistently, they pulled the best trick, saying they have implemented Chat Room, Facebook, and others plan are in progress. This basically a trap, to get new investors and existing investors to invest more, because the good news motivated investors, but really is a trick to trap you in. Then Geniuscapital began their plan, ignore existing investors contacted via email or chat support, close down chat room, put payout in pending. Geniuscapital.net will only communicate with new investors tricking them to invest, paying them just to kill time to transfer money into their bank and emptied it, and will keep repeating the same steps over and over again for new investors that doesn’t know about this.