Do Not Invest in anymore SHA-256 Bitcoin miner from any manufacturer you will never get your ROI back

Just in case you don’t know what ROI mean. ROI is return of investments. Let say you buy $10 of something to make money, and you would at least get that $10 back within certain amount of days, such as 7 days or so, and profit after that. Well, with Bitcoin miner at the moment, there are so many Bitcoin miner manufacturers at the moment competing against each other on the delivery date, however still the Bitcoin mining machine still very expensive. Add to that effects, the price of Bitcoin stayed steady, China not much popular with bitcoin anymore, while the level of difficulty kept on rising, mining bitcoin is not a good idea anymore.

If someone takes the time to do the math, they will know that it will take them forever or never to get their return of investments back. The chances we’re talking about here is >90% I did some manual calculation and also using this website reference as well¬†¬†Nope! never will be able to get ROI back! impossible now with the price of these Bitcoin machine and with the price of BTC combination with the level of difficulty for mining bitcoin keep on rising. You will be better off buying Bitcoin actual Bitcoin crypto currency and save it, instead of investing on a bitcoin miner, wasting electricity and will never able to get your ROI back. Bitcoin price will not go up any higher, the reason due to China market no long hot with Bitcoin. US Based companies more are accepting Bitcoins, and ATM bitcoin machine also, but still didn’t help much.