[DO NOT send documents verification] Topcapitalist life ended a week already people need to be aware of this.

In its final attempts since so many new investors deposited money while they planned their get away by not paying anyone, then they realized the amount of funds are so high in the payment processors, they want to empty it. However it’s not easy for them to do so because SCAM has been reported to their bank payment processors.

The best that you can do now is to broadcast this message to everyone whom had invested with topcapitalist or going to invest. It is a SCAM now, people deposit the money but none of them will get paid for. If anyone got paid for are simply a trick, fooling new investors to invest more money. Keep in mind, the money you send to topcapitalist is not reversible, you cannot file dispute or complaint against them. Those payment processors such as EGOPAY Perfect money SolidTrustPay STP are one way transaction. You send it, you loose it, you cannot file dispute or complaint to get it back, so be careful.

Since the life ended with topcapitalist, it has been a good 3 years drive. You can still invest in HYIP but follow proper rules, and invest in newer one that are professional such as Geniuscapital this is the best now. Get into Geniuscapital now make your money, and then use your profit only to compound and re-invest, set your daily return income and don’t be greedy, once you reach your goal, let it reinvest so that you get daily passive income until it shut down again like topcapitalist, then look for new one do the same.

Here’s an example. For Geniuscapital what you can do is, invest $500, you get $10 a day for 15 business days, that’s $150 or $300 a month. You can keep that $500 in there month after months and months. All you do is get $300 a month. By the 2nd months you should have your ROI back and the rest will be profit. Most likely Geniuscapital will last for a long time 2-3 years are people prediction, that’s as long as topcapitalist, solocash and so on. Get in get out fast, reinvest with only the profit you make, set your daily goal, realistic doable goal that is.