EgoPay Fake Scam Fraud Hoax email phishing

Watch out folks. For all egopay members, another stream of fake egopay support email sending to you. You click on it, you got hack, you click on it and you tried to login, your account got hacked and all your money will disappeared and get sent to another account, they will withdraw it quickly and before you know it your money is gone. By the way EgoPay do not do dispute, so your money only go one way, if you make mistake sending your money, consider it’s gone also, unless the other end is nice enough to refund you but EgoPay totally don’t do dispute.

From: EgoPay Team
Sent: Wednesday, October 9, 2013
Subject: Your support ticket has a reply


Dear EgoPay user,

Support has replied to your ticket: transfer money

Tracking ID: TKH-XQ3-JT4V

You can view the reply at

This is an automated e-mail message sent from our system. Do not reply to this e-mail as we wont receive your reply!

EgoPay Team
Please remember that EgoPay will never attach files, ask you to click links or provide personal information via e-mail.