emoneyinv.biz is a scam fraud fake misleading investment and will not paid for a few days now and the future

DO NOT Invest your money in this http://emoneyinv.biz/ Stay away, as starting of a couple days ago they no longer pay, although people invested little money to test out, those people loss all their money by now because this HYIP no longer pay. They’re online for a few days just to pocket a few thousands dollars and then disappeared. Very bad that these payment processors such as Perfect Money, EgoPay, and so on don’t do any dispute or take any appropriate action for these types of scam. Payment processors profit a lot of money in fees, but they do not involve or take any action even though many people reported scam fraud but they wouldn’t do anything, so basically your money is gone.

http://emoneyinv.biz/  have misleading investment plan, 110% in one day, well if you invest $5, you will get $5.10 in 1 day, and you will not get your $5 back, meaning basically 10 cent is your profit! pretty stupid! and even with $5 you tried to withdraw they will never send you the money starting a couple days ago, they’re holding it and make their getaway plan by requesting their money to payza or other withdraw methods from egopay and other processors, once they emptied the bank they will disappeared just like big giant after90days.org disappearance.