[FRAUD SCAM] IPUServices.com lies “We have surpassed $225,000 in payouts”

This is one of the biggest lies I’ve seen IPUServices.com sends to its members. “We have surpassed $225,000 in payouts” This is so totally untrue, not true! lies, scam, fraud, final attempt to get more money into their pocket without paying anyone since November 1st 2013.

The truth is, IPUServices.com use the same concept as many other HYIP does, just different methods. IPUServices.com method were, create the project with lots of promises and deliverable including criticizing others programs and project, on top of that promise to be transparent. For the “stupid” people, fell for the $150 or so division manager, which they pay you $50 ONLY if you get referrals that convert into division manager. If none of your referrals convert to division manager then you don’t get any commission, your $150 is gone with the wind. Now before November 1st of 2013, people indeed got paid, that was $80,000 in purchases that IPUServices.com pocket. After November 1st 2013 which is also Go Live or actually software ready for download, but not work properly even just a counter of some # based on your hardware spec, this is not including over one month of delay in which IPUServices.com claim ontime, another lie!

So as of today and ever since November 1st 2013, there are a ton of people asking for payout, email for support, no respond was ever responded. Forummanager no longer active, he’s in like once a week. The Boss, probably ran away already and sold the program to who know whom. So once again, no payout were recorded posted by anyone since November 1st 2013, although many reported to request payout but no respond. When email support no respond either. Posted on forums were being ignored, same.

Please spread this blog so that people really know the real face, the truth of IPUServices.com SCAM method, just like any other HYIP (high yield investment program) on the internet. The concept and methods are to motivate you with either words, or money, so you can spend more money, and then stop paying, but continue to motivate others hopefully to strike it rich where new comers or people doesn’t know about its scam to buy in, invest more and more, and the cycle continue. For example the latest motivation, $225K payout which is a big lie, they have not paid anyone since November 1st 2013. Another latest motivation to lure more investors to buying division manager is saying Android version released! the truth about the software is it doesn’t do anything, it’s a software that any computer kids with knowledge of java or any program language can program, it basically check the hardware specification, and do some calculation to show some figures, in this case dollars amount, other than that it doesn’t do anything. Have you ever wonder why ipuservices.com website isn’t https? or they had https and wasn’t able to handle the traffic? or have you ever wonder why the website continue to have SQL code errors? Kids are programming it, about $50 to $100 can get you that android apps, and software for the PC.

My guess is, they will continue to motivate more members by sending updates like this to lure people whom doesn’t know or stupid enough to fall for it even knowing it’s a SCAM. Their next motivation will be releasing of other platform such as MAC, Linux and so on. Then more motivation, such as paying small amount to selective group of members or to their own staff or to themselves and then post it on the forums and the internet as proof of payout received. Final motivation is, they will use what they say “but we need to get to 100,000 members to make this work well- everyone, get one person to sign up & we will be over the top.”  When they reaches 99,999 they will announce program failed! or simply more lies and simply saying reason not paying because have not reach 100,000. Unprofessional operations, lies like kids, lots of MISLEADING data posted and announcement.

In conclusion, IPUServices.com very bad behavior, SCAM indication, kids operating, just like any other HYIP concept, just using different methods. Sure you say you can jsut let your computer run alone don’t touch it, but what does it do any good? why not donate that computer to the poor? If you have a computer that you use, be careful! IPUSerives.com is not registered business lie about LLC just a name, unknown owner, all anonymous!

ipuservices.com scamming people money not paying lies trick or lure people into spending money

ipuservices.com scamming people money not paying lies trick or lure people into spending money

From: IPU SERVICEs – News / Updates <[email protected]> To:
Sent: Thursday, December 12, 2013
Subject: IPU Services – Version 2.01

Thank You ALL – Everything is up and running!!

The ANDROID Version of our software is now available on our website at www.ipuservices.com/downloads.php. Now you can earn from both your computer and your smart phone!

We have surpassed $225,000 in payouts, and they are growing astronomically – thank you all for your patience, it is beginning to pay off!

There are only 4000+ referrals still available for purchase at $3 each – all members are allowed to purchase at this time.

There are fewer than 100 Division Accounts yet available – this will be our “last call” for these higher-earning accounts – Buy Now!!

Please log-in to your online user panel – earnings are now showing for everyone.

We are at 93,000+ members, but we need to get to 100,000 members to make this work well- everyone, get one person to sign up & we will be over the top.

Thank you, as always. We’re almost there.

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