Friendly reminder for those whom use payment processors EGOPAY Perfect Money and even STP

The most popular Payment processors such as EGOPAY, Perfect Money and even Solidtrustpay (STP), will not help you with dispute. In fact EGOPAY and Perfect Money have a one way money transfer, they will never ever dispute or refund your money no matter whatever reason, whether it’s $1 or or $1 million, it’s irreversible. So be careful investing online.

Lately, , and many others smaller ones went SCAM, Fraud, took people’s money by emptying their bank account cash out and disappeared. Some site such as the site are still running, people who doesn’t know ti’s a SCAM, still depositing money that they will never able to get it back. Some site like, just disappeared one day without a trace, they even changed their website domain identity and so on. All these online business investments are all high yield investment programs that don’t exist, and perhaps operated by an individual not a real company, registration are fake or not legitimate or also known as cheap paper work cost few $, offices and phone # are virtual.  So be careful.

With the above being said. Since those hyips are now gone, work with new one. Do your research. My recommendation today now is Geniuscapital they’re pretty much new, and probably will be around for as long as topcapitalist 3 years or so. So invest Geniuscapital now, get in and get out fast. Then use your profit to reinvest and compound, set your goal on how much you want to pocket per day, such as $1 $10 $20 and so on. DO NOT GROW GREEDY, yeah sure you say why not invest in $10,000 and get it back in 15 days? this is a big mistake the biggest risk of all, no one know how long the website will be up, and what their strategy is to get your money. Remember you cannot get refund, these are irreversible payments processors, it’s not like credit card paypal, so your money basically gone. Anyhow, highly recommend for now, will let you know when they grow fishy, so you can stop and we’ll do it together on the next one. Another way is to spread your money evenly, maybe Geniuscapitall $500, and some other trusted one $500, that way if one died you can recover some on the other. DO NOT PUT $1000 in one when you can split $500 here and there, it’s safely and long term. If you want to take risk and get rich fast, go for it and put $1000 in one.

Below is sample respond from EGOPAY when you report scam fraud investment websites.

Date: 2013-11-21
Name: Alice
Dear Customer,

Thank you for the information. Please be more careful when sending money online.

EgoPay Customer Support

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