Here’s another reason for staying away from people whom cannot their anger problem

Eventually people with anger problem that they cannot control it, they will explode one day and I hope that you all will prepare for it. It’s like raising a tiger even at a zoo, once a tiger grew up and eventually one day will attack and eats its owner, it’s a matter of time, it’s not if, but rather when.

Here’s a good example just happened yesterday in Washington DC, a person that have problem controlling his anger, went on a shooting rampage and killed at least 9 people dead, in the end he also died. People whom knew this men, described him as a person that have anger problem, has problem controlling his anger. So based on this, another good reason for you to stay away from people that have anger problem, stay away far as possible, however if you think you can help them then you got to know that you’re taking a very risk of getting hurt one day and even death as the latest incident shooting unfolded here.