How much money did pay to publish an article?

If you search for information about, most likely you will come across to this website first, so call Appears to be a blog, people can say write anything they want, similar to Don’t know if this is credible source or not. However if they wrote about without proper research or based on how much they get paid to write an article about, that would ruin their reputation. A real business if is, then it should be registered, regulated, like paypal, payza and so on, otherwise it’s just another scam website exist today and gone tomorrow with people money no one can do anything about. Sometime it was created by a kid, but could be operated by a smart person, using their intelligence to steal people’s money.

The other question I have for would be, who is this sincerewriter? is this the same person writes news article such as press releases for other scam websites also? we don’t know, but appears fishy. Let say if a real person writing real honest personal opinion about certain things in big contents site appears to be then don’t you think he/she should have use real identity of at least a real name, not name sincerewriter?.

Look at my blog, I write based on my own person opinion, research, facts if I can find, if I cannot find facts I would address it. No one is paying anything to write about anything here, I don’t get pay, in fact I don’t get any kind of benefit doing these blogs. What I’m doing is making the communities online aware of issues situation exist online and be wary of it. Don’t let people take advantage of you tricking you lure you in giving them free money.

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