does not pay to certain investments

Although from many blogs and forums, from people that had investment with indicated that they had not been paid for days and safe to say this HYIP ponzi scheme scam no longer paid.

Checking at under Payout link, we can see that all the paid out done to pennies cryptocoins, but never Dogecoin, Bitcoin or any cryptocoins that value high. So whoever invested on Cryptodouble with Dogecoin or Bitcoin including XPY can say good bye to their investment forever and nothing you can do about it.

Members that got scammed talks about reporting to the domain registrars and hosting company including cloudflare to shut down the website, but to be honest if you have money invested in that site would you do it? Probably not, because you like many others loss money on cryptodouble afraid that if you report to close down the site, you will for sure to loose all your money, you still have hope that they will pay you. Well folks? just did the same thing, people never really reported to the authority or website hosting or anyone because the fear and the hope still lingering.

The bottom line, is do your homework before putting your money into these types of ponzi scheme scam, also known as HYIP. Cryptodouble appears to the first of its kind taking full advantage of cryptocoins and being straight forward operating as a ponzi scheme scam, that showed proof of payout but the payout are all pennies amount, not with large investments such as Bitcoin Dogecoin XPY. It’s sad to see people keeps on investing if you checked the All investment links you shall will see money are keep on pouring in, but payout are in the pennies, big investors to cryptocoin double can say good bye to their cryptocoins. In fact I have just seen one investors given 4 BTC to cryptodouble, yeah he or she will loose it all.

Please spread the word, cryptodouble no longer paid to large investors, only payout to pennies investors as proof. hoax fake ponzi scheme scam stealing your cryptocoins hoax fake ponzi scheme scam stealing your cryptocoins