website has been up and down especially toward the morning hours of US East Coast time

*** Updated – they just fixing up the server, transitioning to better one to be exact according to them.

Could this be it for one of the most reliable, trust worthy HYIP website This site has been around for over three years, those lucky people has been getting payments for the last three years must have been very happy, until recently where their website appears to be having problems, did it get hacked? maybe, if so did it impact member’s account no money been stolen from member’s account? Let’s hope not.

There are hope, just that hackers are being smarter and hope that also get smarter as well. What I can foresee happened is, the hacker get into user’s account and then change the payments processors such as solidtrustpay to their own hacker’s account to withdraw money.

Could also be a webserver issue, migrating.

The other possible scenarios could be are reaching its final stage where it will start dying out disappearing one day. Indication already show that they moved, but the new address could be a stolen address toward another legitimate company without them knowing. Then eventually they will disappear. The strange thing is I never really see support are OnLine, always offline. Let’s hope all these negativity is not true, will see in the next few days.