[Identity theft] Coingeneration.com stealing members identity to commit online crimes

Coingeneration.com now becoming an identity theft website, stealing member’s identity. Any existing members that had investments or have money to be withdraw, will probably see this screen below. Or on this site link page:¬†https://coingeneration.com/profile/

Now look at how it could be very misleading, or just quick poor design of the contents. Notice it’s asking for your upload your ID, passport and so on, but on the bottom it said “Your has been verified successfully.

If your has been verified successfully, when need to upload your ID passport and other identity?This kind of remind us of the Topcapitalist.com day, their last attempt to scam was the day they asked for personal information about its member, send them bank statement and ID card like driver license and passport. Then when members realized it was a scam, too late. They took your identity and commit fraud scam online. They can use it to register new domain name, new webhosting, new proxy to hide their location, open new bank account or line payment processors such as payza paxum solidtrustpay and so on.

The same here with coingeneration.com, whoever uploaded their ID driver license passport, bank statement, phone bill statements, whatever, you’re made a big mistake. Coingeneration.com now got your identity, they will sell it or use it to commit fraud and scam online using your identity. They may not use it immediately, but eventually your identity will red flag committing fraud scam online, your nightmare will happen soon, could be today, or 10 years from now. What can you do? you must report to your bank or credit card company, report to IC3.gov about the website stealing your identity, report to local authority for appropriate directions to protect yourself, get new social security card, driver license or bank account. Do it immediately now if you made this mistake on coingeneration.com profile site or other HYIP like topcapitalist.com


coingeneration.com identity theft using stolen identity from its members to commit online fraud crimes

coingeneration.com identity theft using stolen identity from its members to commit online fraud crimes