IPUservices.com software download for earning version ontime 9/15?

IPUServices.com now is a little iffy, based on the forums communications, the feedback indicated mostly negatives. Most if not all users have second thought about IPUServices.com, the trend began when they didn’t released the beta version ontime, a week late, they didn’t publish the Financial Information as mentioned to be on 8/20, many negativity on the forums. TheBoss appears to be unprofessional, he talks about other business similar to his being a scam, but now IPUservices.com no one know for sure when will earning version will be released. A lot of misleading communication. Now for sure, the waiting game for all members. This is how the game will play, IPUservices.com will keep users update, but they will most likely use the term, soon, next few days. The reason they will provide for the delay will be, still working and testing very hard, will be available soon, thanks for your patient. That’s how the game will play. Obviously they lied about saying, everything is on schedule and software is working, and this was a month or several weeks before 9/1 BEta software release, ┬áthat’s a very BIG lied, I hope the noticed that.

A question was asked:

Since we can’t earn with Beta version of the software, when will the real version be available?

The answer provided by Admins:

Real version will be available soon,
can’t give u exact time frame however it is expected to be released soon

So now it’s no longer ontime on schedule everything working? That’s what it seems like.