It seems true of Digital Generation DG are saying what they will do

Despite the facts that chat room, independent bloggers, and forums all over saying that is a scam. However carefully review and based on the numbers of members which are closed to 500,000 now. Members are now reporting that they got paid, and it’s instant, no pending waiting. However the payment appears to be under $50 for instant, anything higher than that will go into pending and no ETA on when it will get approved for payout. So if we take a look at the # of members now, about 500,000 factoring out the fraud and inactive probably 400,000 actual members, so imagine if these users all legitimate that’s a lot of members for to handle, we don’t know exactly how many staff does have but it appears that they are working and making some progress but not all. So for the rest of the unhappy users they would whine and upset and talk negatives about the business is scam, they would post on facebook, create scam facebook page for coingeneration, blog and forums and so on. For the people that got paid and no issue, they would lay low and in fact they’re not doing anything other than buy threads, run the program, and get payout, if payout don’t work they create tickets and that’s it. For many found the chat room, they would go in and whine and cuss the DG staff out! LOL. Bottom line, appears to be paying, and they’re getting back on track as mentioned previously. Keep in mind that they’ve promised numerous things but things do change and they might have say they can fix it within a day or two, but those are just estimate, sometime things are more complicated than one can imagine, and sometime while fixing issue one could notice potential opportunity to to enhance it and thus causing delay. It’s not a scam as far as I know, but still potential scam still exist for this and many other similar online concept of HYIP. High Yeield Investment Program. is no exception, it has a twist to it which is running some program as of today yet no one can really be sure of what the program does.