[Latest SCAM] from coingeneration.com updates

So what’s going on with coingeneration.com lately? Well for sure not many people knows what’s going on, ever since they had shut down the chat room due to their scam has been exposed and all negatives feedback from the members, so the chat room got shut down.

Still today, there probably some people still believing in the program without know what will happen and what really happening behind the scene? Well maybe people should read my earlier blog on how I think these scam being operated. Read here.

Coingeneration.com domain still have a few more months before the domain expires. From now til then, they could make decision to renew it if they find new ways to attract or lure new members to give them free money. If not, the domain will expires and their operation will disappeared temporary. Or perhaps they already have new scam going, such as  dgstocks.com and btc-o-matic.com taking advantage of the poppular crypto currencies BTC Bitcoin.

Coingeneration.com had been a scam after 4 months in operation. Before the four months period, they had been paying the members consistently and instantly. After the four months, they start to make stories taking advantage of the payza issue and say they cannot pay because payza seized their money. However 6 months after that Payza returned all the money to coingeneration.com but coingeneration did not pay the members for over six months, making stories that they have funds transferring to payment processors, making up stories that they sold 1000 Bitcoins to pay members, guess what? that never happened.

Coingeneration.com continue to manipulate members, telling member stories about the future, professional writings contents updated all the time. The news released most of the time impressed a lot of members. Whoever writing those news release for sure are professional writers or editors. Apparently whoever writing that have no shame, either they don’t know about the operations of stealing people money, or knows coingeneration.com operate unethical business stealing people money but to make money the writer or editor would have to do it just for the money even if it harm other people getting money stolen.

As of today, coingeneration.com continue to lure as many new members as they can using the technique they know best. First make members feel comfortable and happy like paying them instantly, consistently, then stop payment making great stories that would make the investors feel legitimate and believe in it, in the end, the stories keep on getting better and better, but no payout, in fact lure the investors to invest more money, and more money was sent. Sadly these investors don’t take the time to research, do homework, they just invest, take a risk.

The latest news released by coingeneration.com below, again another professional contents writings. However as of today, a lot of people already knows coingeneration.com scam, but still some don’t, either they know it’s s scam but they take risk anyways. I can tell you that Bitcoin are not doing well. Bitcoin ATM machine, not many manufacturer out there. Again coingeneration.com just taking advantage of latest great news to operate their scam business. What’s after Bitcoin ATM machine? just watch and see.

My guess is, if coingeneration.com renew their domain before September 2014, they will continue to operate the business with new scam, a lot of new members still don’t see the scam or stubborn or greedy to getting paid out by coingeneration.com to lure them in. If coingeneration.com don’t renew the domain, they will continue to operate new scam using their new websites such as dstocks.com and btc-o-matic.com which the domain will also expires 2014. What kind of real legitimate business with only one year domain purchase? what kind of business operates with anonymous stolen identity? what kind of business operates with virtual offices that don’t respond back to crucial questions, instead only answers questions that can be answered such as how to send investment money, but when ask what happen to payout, either get ignored or simply answer we’re working on it, soon will get paid in full” weeks after weeks, months, then now a year coming in April. Foolish for anyone to trust coingeneration.com and its related entities such as dgstocks.com and btc-o-matic.com

Watch out, coingeneration.com might have open a new scam using latest advantage of real business out there. Without any indication or affiliate with their existing websites due to so many negatives feedback from members and researchers of scam business online.

Up Next: DG Exchange & Kiosks
Perhaps last month did not quite meet our expectations, but we are not ones to give up! The first ATMs are already in operation, and despite the allegations and accusations that this is just more nonsense on our side, we are ready to roll out our ATM installation campaign across the globe. We congratulate the most decisive of those who applied and became some of the first names on our list on becoming our pioneers: as a bonus, we will supply your equipment with no deposit. All applicants have been sent e-mails with offers to become our regional distributors; if for some reason you failed to receive one of those, please contact us at [email protected] for more details on the terms and commission rates for our partners.

There are a number of partnership options we are currently offering, depending on the terms under which you purchase your equipment:

Plan 1: $1,000 – You are entitled to a 33% commission on profit. The ATM will be installed at your location, and you will be doing the cash collection; the ATM balance will be topped up via our system.

Plan 2: $3,000 – You are entitled to a 50% commission on profit. You will be doing the cash collection at the ATM, which will also be integrated with our system.

Plan 3: $5,000 – You are entitled to all the profit and will take all care of operating the ATM. You may opt in to integration; Blockchain integration available by default.

Those of you who are still sitting on the fence about whether installing an ATM in your city is worth your while, may be late because we have already received over 300 applications and are working on delivering the equipment this month! Perhaps you are wondering where we got such capacity? Simple: we bought an ATM factory and are now able to manufacture 10 machines a day. The competition in the market is still close to non-existent, and we are very happy that our ATMs are designed with a view to winning the forthcoming challenging battle with other manufacturers. It is great that there are new players appearing in the market every day: we are looking forward to receiving some feedback on how our ATMs compare with other models available out there. Whilst other companies are only developing their first models, we are already two steps ahead of them: the thing is, you can’t just quickly code a reliable operational product from scratch so that it would meet all requirements for managing and monitoring an ATM chain. By the same token, you cannot create a professional Android POS solution in the form of a kiosk. It would take at least six months to develop our system, let alone the list of supported equipment, which is why we can confidently claim that our ATMs were and remain the most reliable out there: our tried and trusted equipment can deliver smooth operation for many years to come, and the monitoring system will inform you how much money has been collected, alert you when the printer is running out of paper, and display the status of each equipment part, as well as detailed stats for each payment.

It was far from an easy task to design and develop a system that would support a wide range of equipment and give you control over top-up scenarios depending on legal requirements. Our ATM shells feature dedicated space for installing additional equipment, such as a biometric scanner, a card reader, a PIN pad or a document scanner. We fully understand that an ATM operator’s success depends on the partner supplying their technology solution, which is why we have already taken a sneak peek into tomorrow to design a system that could be tailored for any area.

Keep an eye on the crypto finance news: we are going to pleasantly surprise you with a launch of the largest exchange, which is what we are planning to do as our second batch of equipment is put into operation. Don’t stay put — get out there and help liberate the financial ecosystem from Big Brother’s clutch by installing one of our ATMs in your neighborhood: the more top-up points there are, the easier and more accessible Bitcoin will be for people! Should things go well for cryptocurrencies, we expect over 40,000 Bitcoin top-up ATMs to appear in the next couple of years, so trust our experience and do not wait for others to do the job for you: it is time to act now.

Dear shareholders, we do remember you and ask you to please avoid escalating tension at a time when we are doing our best to meet your requests. Please put your worries aside: we have been given the go-ahead for our take-off and we are waiting for things to start improving as we gain altitude. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the flight. DG stocks is up next!

Truly yours,
The Management