Malaysia Airline Flight 370 Malaysia to Beijing confirmed disappeared into the bottom of the South China Sea South tip of Vietnam

With all the advance technology we have at hand, and we managed to loose contact with that Malaysia Airplane flying toward Vietnam to China. As of now just speculation expecting for the worst!; off course it is because it supposed to land many hours ago, and the plane should already been out of fuel hours ago if it’s still in the air. No airport reported of that plane make any emergency landing. Did the alien abduct that plane? ok it’s not funny, but my point is up til now nothing confirmed or ruled out except the fact that it disappeared from radar with 239 soul. In the past, when planes disappeared from radar chances are 99.9999999999% it crashed. My take on this is it did crashed into the sea of South Vietnam and embed in the deep sea, wreckage will shows up shortly along with the many 239 soul today.