[Manipulated its members] Coingeneration.com continue to use manipulating method to force its members have no choice but to trash the four months period of earned

This is a nice way of how coingeneration telling the members what to do on its latest news update on the blog. What I pick from the blog very interesting. Funds fully charged for 1-2 months uninterrupted, additional for 3rd months as well. Before care of this now. Remember what coingeneration.com DG said acouple months ago?, they said all members will get paid fully soon, ah the famous word soon, soon pigs will fly. Well that never happened, so I wonder if members will fall for this again this time if they all accepted the DG stock founder position. Members would have to start form scratch, let say you have 50 threads which cost you about $2500, making $50 a day that’s $6000 in the past four months, and today after you purchased DG stock that would give you $10 a share which = 600 shares, your dividend is about  $6 a day +1 thread = $7 a day now you’re making and can be withdraw instantly. Now you can buy 50 more threads since you only have 50 before. If you do, you will get paid $56 a day and for how long? no one know. DO NOT BELIEVE in the 1-2 months funds available, 3rd months as well. It will be another mess, the members need to know this. You can go out and recruit more new members and let them suffers later if you don’t have a hear!

Stocks and the current situation
By Joao on Fri, 11/15/2013 – 14:17
Good news to everyone who has stick with Digital Generation.

The period where funds were a problem is past.

We have funding available and extra funds secured for the next 3 months so we can work non-stop.

We would like to apologize for the delay of the situation, but there was and is a lot of work to do.

We have been getting a lot of questions regarding stocks and founders, and we decided to inform all the users on what’s going on.

What is a Founder?

Founder is a user that has been with Digital Generation from the beggining and its benefit is a never locked payment status and the ability to buy and sell Digital Generation stocks. Whatever happens, a Founder will always be able to payout its earnings.

How do I become a Founder?

To become a founder you should be one of the roughly 500000 starting users. You will be able to see the Stocks page after loging in to your Digital Generation account.

What happens when I become a Founder?