Many ongoing problems re-occurring with payout

The latest problems on the many issues with could potentially ruin their reputation earlier than expected. only been in operation for a few weeks maybe a month or so, but so many negativity and now it’s all coming pretty close to being a scam cointellect don’t start fixing the the many problems.

  1. Credit card and personal information requirements, identity theft look like it, if they don’t address the detail of needing this. No i don’t buy that reason of prevent bot withdrawal. If you’re mining you would know the pool never ask for your personal information, let alone credit card and security code?
  2. Website so slow now. yes it was fast when they first launch, but now it’s sluggish, snailing at some point, timed out even.
  3. Payout error to 404 page. When users request payout, clicked submit, it directed them to a 404 page not found. user refreshed the page or go back to retry, but the balance now disappeared with no indication it went into user’s funds like wallet or paypal. So this maybe a trick not to pay you anymore. Start complaining folks, I’ve seen scheme like these, making excuses not to pay.
  4. Payout success status but money never sent to user’s account. Similar to #3, but this one the status said “success” check shortly your wallet or paypal, but hours later, 24 hours later, 2 days later still no funds showing. What’s going on? support don’t respond to help request
  5. Users ran coinminer 24 hours non stop but have zero balance. Computer ran 24 hours, and coinminer showing mining, but balance showing zeros for many days straight, no support either.
  6. Connection errors, cannot connect. The famouse annoying messages, cannot connect especially for folks using wifi.
  7. Annoying pops up messages nagging for upgrade. This is very annoying forcing users have to upgrade constantly, almost daily before, not every week or so.
  8. Slow support respond or not being helpful or totally ignored user’s request for help. Some time the tone of support person isn’t very nice.

If cointellect don’t address and fix these issues, only one way for people to look at it, SCAM, either that or just poor services ran a small team or maybe one person.

Doesn’t look good cointellect. You better address all these issues, otherwise you will be in many official blogs as SCAM.