[misleading & confusing] “Important Information” Coingeneration.com DigitalGeneration DG CG published new message on member’s homepage

Coingeneration.com DigitalGeneration DG CG published new news on the member’s homepage. It indicated new information about Pyaza still hilding its six figure dollars amount. Isn’t that something? all of a sudden out of a dark. Thought that payza situation was resolved a long time ago, whatever the solution was. So now are is Coingeneration.com saying that they don’ have the money to pay it’s older members such as Founder Stock Holder position? so at last they admit two TRUTH, telling the two truth? First truth and second truth are same, that they do not have the money to pay existing members that purchased stocks founder position, never had the money, because payza holding their money upward to the six figure #? it’s been over 6 months what’s going on? So the lies they admitted to were – Coingeneration.com never had the money to pay, DG lied and lies about funding payment processors to pay in full or up to Feb., DigitalGeneration lied and lies about selling 2000BTC to expedite the funds to payment processors to pay members, they lied and lies about pending funds from China Bank to fund payment processors account, what else? what the future lies will be? Where are the transparency?

Important Information
Dear Founders,
To avoid the situation of getting to a critical point we inform you that the decision been taken against founder members on January 23rd might be reviewed in accordance with results of current negotiations. Payza and one of our agents still hold a six figure amount of funds and we are in process of resolving this issue with them right now. It has been against our plans to apply the conditions towards the users who form a base of our project and in order to clear up the conflict the following options are provided:

– request Payza to release funds for payouts
– investigate the reason and provide information of the present location of one of our agent that is unable to explain where the funds are
– apply for a refund by sending a request in writing to our USA address


– Provide us with 48-72 hrs timeframe necessary to launch DGstocks.com new trading platform along with the products that you still consider to be a plot of our imagination.

The first options should be pretty clear and regarding the last one we have what to say to you but that’s going to happen in one of our next several updates.

We may not respond to your attacks in a similar way due to our professional business manners and it’s something about your Karma we will turn next to as we see that some of you lack all moral principles. You guys are sh*tting at the same place where you eat, that’s the straightforward comment we’ld like to add regarding the whole situation. Just to remind, there are no janitors here to clean this up. Back off and let’s starts the dialogue again, perhaps then we will find a solution faster.

There isn’t anything that is impossible to accomplish if you have a plan. We have ours. It doesn’t include DG to betray its members and so the vision of things from your side is actually blind to say at least.

Italian, Portugal and Brazil communities will have their payments re-instated first as a courtesy to level of comfort we have been experiencing with them. It’s not yet time to announce DG to be dead and we want you to know that we are not going to set off the sails anywhere.

Our next update will be published shortly, Payza is awaiting your reminder to speed up our inquiry!

Details of Agent that is missing over 100k will be provided ONLY to candidates that reside in Spain and have certain level of experience in such matters (investigators/collective agencies/security firms have a privilege) in order to avoid the interference of the crown into our internal business relations.

You depend on business that is backed up by a currency with no value – keep this in mind at all times and things will look right for you then. There is no magic here and if you’ve decided to quit the project please do so by sending a postal letter instead of jumping off the walls! The next stop is just ahead so this isn’t an apocalypse and therefore better prepare yourself for something positive. We are letting the dogs out.

Still yours,
The Management