[No Funds] Coingeneration.com released latest news update and plan they don’t have money to pay

It is true! Coingeneration.com don’t have money to pay. They did admit. By saying they will sell large amount of Bitcoin they have to pay the members. So what does this mean? A lot of things, that Coingeneration.com was never computing anything for any company, if they did then the funding would have been available, those companies would have paid coingeneration.com and have the fund to pay its members. In this case clearly Coingeneration.com relied on the funds from the members to pay other members. This is no different than HYIP, high yield investment program. Except coingeneration.com did differently since no one can do anything about coingeneration project they will play along for as long as they can, to get more investors, to take more money, keeping 50% and use only 50% to pay out, and whoever lucky ones will get it the rest get nothing. They will keep on repeating this.

Coingeneration.com mentioned that they will have fund on January 19th, WOW! few weeks ago they said funding available in new couple days, then few days, then couple weeks, then few weeks, then now they say January 19th? Who would to believe this? unfortunately a lot of people still have hope and will continue to wait again and again, and again, then Coingeneration.com on the 19th will announce new reasons new stories for not able to pay or new plan that’s better than paying, and the cycle continue, they will keep repeating this SCAM over and over again until they can no longer attract new investors. By the way, coingeneration.com domain expires in a few months, in September this year, the site will disappear from the internet and that’s it for coingeneration.com and the people believe in it will suffers the loss of their money and time.


DG 2014 Press Release

1. Where we are now

As the number of Internet users grows at a steady pace, so is the cryptocurrency market coming into its own alongside paper money and plastic. The traditional model of money is starting to show signs of age in the public eye, as it becomes obvious that the flaws far outweigh the benefits. As with anything new, people initially questioned the use of bitcoins for practical purposes – such as grocery shopping. Instead, the new currency found a niche in the underground economy, where it was wildly successful. The e-commerce industry eventually took notice and started paying attention to the bitcoin phenomenon. A new class of entrepreneurs began to emerge as they saw the potential in the new technology: a tax-free payment system and a huge consumer market that was ready to make the leap if not for the minor obstacles still in the way. That thin ice is about to break, and it won’t be long now before we start paying for groceries at the corner store with our digital wallets. Sellers are not going to turn down the opportunity for extra income; one way or the other, be it bitcoins or another currency, this market is new territory just waiting to be developed, and there is work for every computer out there that can be enlisted for mining duty. It’s important to remember, however, that the complexity of mining cryptocurrencies is only going to increase with time, placing a growing burden on the system and further pushing for its growth. Another concern is the “inflation” of cryptocurrencies prior to the point in time when the market eventually becomes structurated. The volume of money entering circulation in the crypto economy is growing every day, and we fully intend to make every effort to improve our performance and maintain the liquidity of the markets we participate in.

2. Development strategy

We don’t expect 2014 to be an easy year, but we can safely say that the difficulties we’ve had to deal with in our early stages are well behind us. In fact, only today we can say with confidence that we’ve learned to avoid the high-risk situations that are prone to cause huge losses. On the other hand, we did gain invaluable experience that would have been infinitely more costly in that bright future which is just around the corner.

Our priorities this year are to secure financing for the next few years and to offer our users a unique product that will render their credit cards permanently obsolete. We stay on top of current technology and the state of the art, fully aware that a revolution cannot happen without the technical acumen needed to transform something ordinary into a miracle. At the current pace of development, everything we see in the movies about some distant year like 2057, is likely to happen much sooner than that. Who doesn’t want a robotic housemaid that not only does the shopping, but makes you money as well? Just as the giant corporations are readying their prototypes and filing their patents, we are putting in place our own infrastructure and doing our own research on the use of computing power for creating a public company whose stated goal is fairness in the digital space. We want you to reap the benefits of operating your computer this year, and will soon be ready to unveil the first working prototypes of our products.

3. Upcoming products

Our current research is in the areas of pattern recognition and alternative energy – in our opinion, the most promising and potentially lucrative fields that are also central to the future of humanity as a whole. Many of our projects happen “behind closed doors”; we will be publishing the most interesting results on our website in due time. In 2014 a mobile app will be made available to our members. Our official app will make your participation in the DG team that much more convenient and enjoyable, keeping you up to date on the latest developments in the project – anytime, anywhere.

4. Market trading

We were able to develop an algorithm for profitable investment and are putting the finishing touches on our electronic trader, an application capable of fully automating trades. The exchange we operate on follows the classical model of an electronic market – minus all the minor nuisances such as the “human factor” (human traders), holidays and other annoyances that plague a traditional exchange. It will be fully integrated with our platform and become a reliable instrument in our users’ tool belt. Keeping in mind the human tendency to make money “here and now”, rather than waiting and making more later, we are working to finalize our developer API as soon as possible. For increased security, our exchange will be hosted on a separate server, at the address DGstocks.com. We hope our stock does not become the object of market speculation, as it happened with Google and Apple.

5. Payments

In light of the growing volume of payments, management has decided to make a considerable sale in the amount of 2,200 BTC on the Mt.Gox and BTC-e markets. Funds are expected to become available on January 19th, 2014. We ask for your understanding in connection with the delay, as we sought to find the most profitable time to make the sale in the face of a fluctuating exchange rate. A reliable payments system is a major component of any serious Internet-based project. 3D security is a modern – and undoubtedly the most effective – framework for protecting your funds today. Starting with January 1, all payments made through VISA and MasterCard benefit from a strong layer of protection. The safety of your personal information is always our number one concern, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year!

6. Fair use

As our members know, there is a 30-day trial period for using our service. New users are informed of this as they embark on their journey alongside the DG team. Unfortunately, our staff has identified a large number of users who have signed up multiple times – for as many as 5, 6, or even 7 accounts. An nvestigation by our compliance department has found a series of suspicious accounts, including what we called “mystery users”. Timely detection is certainly helpful in preventing the risk of disruptions creeping into the system, but it takes its own toll in terms of slowing down work across our services and divisions. Nevertheless, the Board of Directors has made the decision to hold payments to users who have been classified as “mystery users”. Electronic payments to this category of users will only be resumed following confirmation of successful receipt of a bank transfer by the beneficiary listed in account profile details. We are fully aware that such a decision can represent an inconvenience to our users, and for our part will be making every possible effort to resolve the situation as quickly as possible. In order to avoid any possible misunderstandings and frozen accounts, we appeal to our customers to use the system in a fair and responsible manner.

7. A review of 2013

The year 2013 has meant the start of our project, the acquisition of 600,000 users, and a tremendous amount of experience. Most important of all, our project works and is making a significant social impact. DG is now the world’s largest computing network (besides Bitcoin). We are now on the stepping stone towards the future! It’s been a long journey, and we’ve had our share of problems along the way. As it always happens when exploring new frontiers, we’ve looked for the path less traveled, we analyzed, we took risks, we built an innovative, one of a kind system, we made mistakes, we learned from them… and we kept going! Looking back, we can say with certainty that 2013 has been a successful year for the project in every conceivable way. The talented people who joined our staff in 2013 were also making a statement: we are bold, we are determined, we are assertive! Together we are the team of the future!

8. In conclusion

We’d like to share with you our beliefs about the way in which a modern competent human should work and go about their life. Firstly, as you wake up in the morning, besides the warm shower and a delicious breakfast, nothing should distract you from enjoying a peaceful, comfortable existence. Secondly, to enjoy life without worrying about tomorrow is the kind of mantra that one should frame up, hang on their wall, and always live by. Finally and most importantly, this is a call to action. Don’t waste another day working a demanding job that brings you little satisfaction, following useless advice, or engaging in unprofitable business that does nothing but stress you out as you waste your finest years. Life should be something to enjoy every minute along the way – and if that minute happens to bring a profit, too, it is all the more worth living.

Words beget action. Actions beget results!