[Not Paying] Coingeneration.com as expected fooling the members with it new software news update

Here’s a comment from one of the well known members in the chat room that really sounds sarcastic. This person knowing that it’s a scam, but goes on, for months, perhaps he/she already make a large amount of profit, and would like to profit more.

12:34:44 PM _John_Woo_I: if DG lost money they would have left long ago – payza issue was the moment to do so – BUT NOT – they are still here and improve things since then

Then a respond from SUPPORT_DG:

12:36:48 PM SUPPORT_DG_07: _John_Woo_I, true and thanks

Kiss arse! yeah? well, realistically, it’s not true of the comment. Coingeneration will keep fooling members and playing games for as long as they can or want. Coingeneration.com know there are a lot of blind members that doesn’t see all the negatives or believe in negatives so they jump in with trial thread, and then spend $20 for $50 thread, and they go paid daily, so happy that they got paid and so they buy more threads, and they again get paid, despite all the negatives and what really happened, the new members doesn’t know. Then few days later, the new members realized he/she trapped with manipulating methods, forcing members to buy more threads in order to withdraw more, and then later totally blocked, locked cannot get a penny out, so who’s winning? You win dollars few days didn’t even make up the return of investments, your money is blocked and you can’t do crap! all you see is news update circulating to get newer members than you to buy in just like you before. They will fall for it just like you before.

Just in case people still believe in coingeneration.com should consider what happened lately would tied to them being fooled by coingeneration. Let’s take a few steps back. And I’m talking about just a few steps, several weeks ago they said payment processors funded, everyone get paid – ERR never happened, they pay $1 $2 $5 to a small # of members that have new threads purchased with new money meaning not the not the money you already in coingeneration.com, these new users being fooled, they go so happy and purchased more threads, the next thing they knew was, they’re blocked from getting paid, and when asked why? SUPPORT_DG responded with “we don’t know, but we’re working on unblocking all members” this has been repeated over and over again, the members get fooled, tricked, trapped, realized too late can’t do anything. These are just final attempts coingeneration.com working on to get more members paying for threads before disappearing.

Let just take several days back. Coingeneration.com get so much complaint and they feel like they must update some news, and guess what update? well, it’s still their members homepage, saying that they’re upgrading ThreadManagers, which is the program that doesn’t do anything beside calculating counting # for fun. Uploading and downloading data which doesn’t contain anything beside letting the host and the client are up and running and active to get the full $ day. Most people don’t realized this, but it’s the game coingeneration has been doing for a very long time. Coingeneration was up and running for about 4 months and then everything fall apart as they expected and wanted, and from there on they take full advantage of the problem and then start to make up new stories, new methods, new news, providing misleading news and information and planning, such as fake office location, they’re all virtual, lies about payza has millions of dollars ready for payments to people, never happened, lies about the news they update that users will get paid on certain day in full. Lies about bank transfer, 3-5days then 10 days, then now 1 month still no news on bank transfer, the only news they have is news that would fool more people in trusting coingeneration.com and buy threads so that the new members can in the same groups of as the veterans members.

By now, many people in the chat room that have faith with coingeneration.com and I mean the top supporters people already know it’s a scam but hey don’t want to admit it since they have so much money in there waiting to be withdraw. Even the SUPPORT_DG already talks and responded to messages of the chatters gearing toward not trusting the concept of online investments program. One of the SUPPORT_DG chat said they he or she never invested a single penny with coingeneration, instead he/she said that they make money through referrals, meaning you trick someone fooling someone into the program that you don’t even trust and make money off of those people. Once again, it’s a fact, that SUPPORT_DG they did not invest a single penny into coingeneration.com and they’re working for coingeneration.com by saying that they don’t invest money with coingeneration.com to make clearing indicate they don’t trust the program either. However for many people realizing this is way late.

Coingeneration.com will keep updating new news, new methods enhancement, it will be endless, just to attrack new members, new investors to buy threads, get paid, then get fooled, get trapped into buying more threads in order to withdraw more money, but in the end the members realized it, too late, stuck as veterans members, and then the cycle will keep on repeating! It’s scary that a lot of people don’t realized this, well stupidity has it’s consequences. So people please, be informed, if you see blog like this, forums talks about this, think hard, research hard before giving your money to someone with high returns rates. It came in all kind of shapes and sizes.

I have been doing high yield investments online for a long time. It’s very difficult to tell if the program is legit and for how long, but at the same time easy to spot pyramid scam, and if the HYIP program will died soon. There are two that I trust. One has been around for many years, topcapitalist, and the other one, new geniuscapital feel safe with geniuscapital to invest in the thousand, but 15 days max, then use your profit to invest further. Topicalist has been around a long time, might want to the same. Even top rated trust, it’s better to be safe then sorry. Get in and get out fast. Then use profit only to reinvest. These two are a lot better than SCAM coingeneration.com making you run bogus software and fraud misleading communications on news, fooling members.