[Not Paying] Coingeneration.com Digital Generation DG SCAM on problems

According to the chat room, there appears to be only a couple of people have trust in coingeneration.com DG, and it appears to those folks that invested a lot of money and wouldn’t want it to go down. The messages posted on the members homepage hasn’t change, what they planned to do, did not get completed, scheduled date never commit to do so, in some cases didn’t even do what they commit to do, let a lone estimated completion date on certain things.

As of today the status of coingeneration.com DigitalGeneration DG is [Not Pyaing] Whatever they plan to do, it’s unknown, some users claimed that they get paid, and appear to be on several people in the chat room, and wondering why they in the chat room if they got paid? most people in the chat room in the chat room because mostly they have problems and yes not getting paid. So as a result many people don’t believe that those got paid are veteran members or members that have 99 threads, it’s hard to determine how it work, could those that got paid was paid by DG to say that they got paid? or somehow affiliate with coingneration.com? we don’t really know, again it’s simply merely assumption speculation. But, the bottom line is overall they’re NOT PAYING.

The message appears on the click to pops up Payment request indeed an automatic date signed date, it said today, but the today was yesterday and the day before that and before that. They’re fooling many of their members with that message, when members realize it, too late! you got fooled. Furthermore, coingneration.com has been fooling its members ever since late June 2013. The problem with Payza was real, but coingeneration taking full advantage of the problem as a reason they cannot make payment to members. As of today many members has well over $10,000 balance to withdraw, but unfortunately they cannot even withdraw a penny! that’s not even a penny! and the balance kept on accumulating til coingeneration.com get shut down soon. Again the word soon that they use. Soon is a big word, soon could be few minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, and years, and then many years until they get shut down.

For those that trusted coingeneration, according to the chat room, they are now growing more suspicious, so next wave could be good, could also be bad. Chat room Support DG admins are simply useless. Not sure why they’re even there, maybe some assurance, no one is signing up to get free threads anymore.