[Not Paying] Coingeneration.com DigitalGeneration DG CG very suspicious behavior and misleading updates possibly lies

As of this day, more and more members are not getting paid, only a very small numbers of members are getting paid, $1 $2 $20 the most here and there.

Request payout Gateway Status – all red all the time

Request payout Bank Transfer status in process for 10 days now, originally Support_DG said 3-5 days, not 10 days, but apparently 10days had come and status still say in process

Buy threads and paid with paypal? yeah you will get payment for first couple of days, and then they locked your payout to $25 a day $500 a month error message. For those that have more than $25 thread you will get that error. Even with that error, no one reported that they were able to withdraw even $25, it always error out.

Coingeneration.com DG mentioned in the past, there payza account funded fully! NEVER HAPPENS, all lies. If it funded fully, then how come many people cannot withdraw? the one said they can withdraw are decoy fake members to coingeneration look good.

Bottom line, people! please do your homework carefully, don’t fall for these lies again and again and again, don’t fall for this trap! DO NOT BUY THREADS, DO NOT REFER PEOPLE! you will not get paid, and you’re destroying people’s lives by referring them to coingeneration.com as it only will harm them. Sure you will get paid for maybe a month daily, that would make you feel so happy! but guess what? whatever cash you have gotten from coingeneration.com today will not even cover your ROI. However some older members smart enough to spend early days of thousand of dollars investments, and they’re not greedy they just withdraw frequently daily, kept on going, got their money back and enjoying, even though coingeneration.com not paying today, those smart non greedy members still pocket good amount of money! Bad luck for new comers or investors, your money is now gone with the wind, you will get paid very little and never be able to recover your ROI.