[Not Paying] Coingeneration.com is being manipulative to its members users

No doubt by now people realized or should realize that coingeneration.com DigitalGeneration DG CG is being manipulative to its members or users. Based on the new payout (payments request withdrawal) logic put in place and could be worst, the members or users have no choice but keep on purchasing threads until all reach to 99 threads and that’s it! you will not be able to withdraw a penny, you’re basically stuck and they made a sucker out of you. This logic that coingeneration.com put in place will confuse and prevent you from making payment request because all the payments processors funding all red, until someone purchased threads with an actual payment processors account, not with coingeneration.com balance. Then the payment processors will turn green for probably $50, and then people with $1 $3 $10 thread can withdraw that amount daily, while people whom spent thousands of dollars invest in threads will never be able to withdraw due to error messages, such as for paypal payment will get message indicate $25 daily limit, $500 monthly limit, even though if you have more than 25 threads. Higher than that amount it indicate to use Bank Transfer, and don’t bet on it, it’s another way coingeneration manipulated its members

Bank Transfer is another way way coingeneration.com manipulate its members, misleading its members thinking, WOW! I will not let my balance accumulate to $550 then I can get quick fast Bank Transfer, for some users they already have that amount or higher, for all other users they would have to wait for weeks and possibly months to get the balance accumulate to $550 then request for payout! Well, guess what? members in chat room whom are smart enough already figure this out, the chances of anyone get withdrawal via Bank Transfer go through is 0%, yes zero, as in nothing, nada!, zip!, again chances are no real members can proof that their Bank Transfer went through into their bank. The prediction from people are saying coingeneration.com will have more reasons, more lies, more misleading news, more manipulating methods to back up their reason for not being able to successfully make payout via bank transfer.

Bottom line, coingeneration.com is being very manipulative now. The logic working for them, forcing the users members have no choice but keep on waiting, buy more threads, months after months after months until all users reach their 99 threads and continue to wait until next year and then the domain expire before September 2014 and coingeneration.com will no longer need to do anything, letting the domain expires automatically and they disappear, they will keep on playing this game, making fool out of people, some smart people already figured it out and had comments added to HYIP websites, facebook, twitters, forums and blogs like this. So stay safe! be smart! be informed!

Some chat lines that I’ve picked up seen on coingeneration.com chat room. When a person asked about how long does bank transfer takes, the answer used to be 3-5days, now they say 10 days or more depend on your bank. Very misleading.

10:34:48 AM SUPPORT_DG_12: JamesDouglasMorrison, A normal wire transfer takes up to 10 businness days. But it may vary depending on your Bank

Then a another person comments on coingeneration.com operation logic he got banned. Is this how they treat their members?

10:43:16 AM Hari2012e _GATEWAY OVERLOAD: SUPPORT_DG_12, ohhhhhhhhhhhh I dont know this. Good idea for forcing the member to invest

10:44:28 AM SERVER: User Hari2012e _GATEWAY OVERLOAD – BANNED!