[Not Paying] Coingeneration.com updated its members homepage Almost Done, Software Update Required

Coingeneration.com just updated its news update on member’s homepage and eventually will be on the blog as well. This is the typical communication they continue to provide, very misleading, very incomplete, very questionable, very manipulating. This kind of communication will make old veterans users feel there are still hope, make the new users continue operate and continue to bring in more and more referrals in this case victims and let them suffer.

The communication below, did not address the most basic question of all. What happened to Bank Wire Transfer? which tied to payout for all, no date, no estimate.

Then some questions people may asks and comments are: So they work on new software but not payout? So they work on new software and embed stealth key logger which cannot be detected by antivirus easily? So they take our money fast and give us new software viruses instead of paying?

From my own opinions in regard to the new version of the software being published this week end or next week. If you are to download them, make sure you scanned your computer with the toughest strongest antivirus anti-malware out there, use at least two antivirus anti-hacking anti-malware to scan your computer. Once completed scanning and removing all potential virus and malware, do a cold reboot to your computer, and then scan your computer one more time. Once cleaned, download the new ThreadManager software, do not install it yet, do two different antivirus software on the file downloaded first, ensure it’s clean and then install it. Once install completed, do another antivirus scan, and then do a cold reboot and then scan again. Once done you can keep the new threadmanager running, but ensure to keep your antivirus malware program run actively monitor any activities. It’s better to be safe than sorry! Please do it. For those of you still have faith and belief in coingeneration.com

Almost Done, Software Update Required
Dear Users,

We would like to apologize for the delay publishing the update and putting the changes into effect, the update will take place over the weekend for sure and we kindly ask you to express some more patience as we’ve resolved the payments situation and have lot’s to show besides that.

It is required for all users to update to version 3.0 in order for the system to work properly, new release of ThreadManager application will be published tomorrow. Please avoid the confusion as we instruct our staff right now of the changes that will take effect to explain you the situation.

Thank you for your extraordinary patience, payouts ahead!

DG Staff