[Not Paying] How to get coingeneration.com prioritize on you first if they pay

Sadly but probably true. There’s a person in coingeneration.com Chat room name JohnWoo, he appears to be an active members in the chat room, as he also indicated that he applied for jobs at coingeneration.com but he said never got the job yet. However he is very active and positive about coingeneration. Today his message was he got paid by coingeneration.com instantly via egopay, while the rest of the people in the chat room got nothing. All account have same error pops up message when click on request payout.

If it is true, and sadly, you may have to “kiss ass” kiss coingeneration.com staff butt to get payment. So again if this is true then those staff members in chat room in red SUPPORT_DG # when you see them smile, happy and being positive, you know that they got paid, and for sure, they’re being prioritized of getting paid, and then the people in the chat room whom “kiss ass” like this guy name JohnWoo would get paid next in line, and then the one whom complaint the most probably next, and then whoever didn’t say anything, just waiting patiently may never get paid or if they do get paid then they’ll be last. This is to say that if coingeneration.com ever pays its members fully, not by random or selectively somehow and very limit to a handful while hundreds of thousands members never got a penny from them.

So in conclusion, based on today’s chat room. A lot of people are upset, and they have right to be upset. They invested pay thousand of dollars and never got a chance to withdraw any money due to reasons coingeneration.com adhere. If you want to get pay next you may need to talk positive about coingeneration.com in other word make up stories, just like them, kiss there “ass” and they will notice and pay you for doing so. Another way of putting is be their slave, or be fooled by them.

Is there any positive feedback? yes a few, most people seems to just have to wait and see if any positive behavior from coingeneration.com as being the chat room cussing and asking the same questions ain’t gonna help.