[Not Paying in full] Coingeneration.com as expected broken promise once again January 19th 2014 passed still not paying

[Not Paying in full] Coingeneration.com as expected broken promise once again January 19th 2014 passed still not paying

OK, so few weeks ago DG said they will sell bitcoin and fund account and all Founders Stock Holder will once again get no limit, no restriction on Payout. ERR WRONG! Who to believe? What people get on the 19th of January 2014 which passed already yesterday was the same error message they’ve been getting.

Payment cannot be done

We kindly ask you to submit your request later as we are currently funding our accounts to void the limitations for all founder members. Payouts for available balance over $10 will be resumed @ Jan 19th. We apologize for the inconvenience and will put our best efforts to resolve the status hopefully within the next couple days. Thank you for your patience in advance.

The above message was enabled for a week, til today which passed the 19th of January 2014 already, and still did not commit to its promise, still there. This had happened before, and what they did was fixing the pops message above to current date, auto current date to be exact.

This again no surprise, lies and more lies. Never commit to promise, let alone commit to the timing. The $10 limit is all the Founder Stock Holder members going to get ever if there are fund. While the new members get paid for 45 days from the time they start. Why 45 days? simple, because that’s when the new members can no longer dispute with payment processors such as Paypal. If you paid via Bitcoin, Egopay, Perfect Money, etc. those payments only have one way transactions, meaning you cannot dispute once it’s gone form your account, it’s gone forever! nothing you can do to get it back.

Coingeneration.com will repeat this same process, method over and over again. New news, new strategies to take more money from new investors, while the old members such as Founder Stock Holder whom was forced to gave up their funds available for payout, trash all of it, and get paid only $10, so you’re looking at $10,000.00 payout, now only get paid $10, and $9,990 all gone disappeared from members account. Worst of all now members cannot even get $10 out due to red wallet for Founder Stock holder.

What really disturbing and misleading is their latest news. Very misleading and confusing. Just read it. Who would understand what they wrote? Does it mention when members will get paid? what happens to their promise? Another funny line is “take over the world along with Bitcoin” LOL they’re saying DG DigitalGeneration Coingeneration.com will take over the world? What a joke!

Strategy Roadmap

DG is on the rise again and we are almost ready to announce the launch of a new generation of amazing finance platform to be released.

DG Stock Exchange acts as the trading point between digital currencies and stocks created as a derivative of DG equity options.

DG Stocks are the first opportunity to make revenue with a new type of asset. Stocks of the exchange will be sold on the exchange itself for fiat currencies.

The challenge behind getting a reliable payment processor to provide easy fiat to DG was an ultimate challenge for us since July 2013. Until we had these things resolved it was extremely difficult to consider launching a radically different peer-to-peer exchange of such kind. This feature in the Bitcoin world have been awaited for an extremely long time, we got what it takes to bring the trading into action now!

DG partnerships with several banks and processing companies that have been yet focused on downshifting Forex and yet still trendy Binary Options. They see a great market in the modern and rapidly developing crypto finance industry however it was difficult to convince them to accept payments for a non-backed up currency 😉

On top of that, we want everyone in the world to have access to the digital ecosystem, within minutes from scratch to trade major digital currencies and drive revenue as a bounty to keep the growth of DG pool rate.

The breakthrough trading features will enable DG financial entrepreneurs to take over the world along with Bitcoin or any other derivative that is about to enter its exponential growth cycle, just as the DG Stock.

Truly Yours,
Digital Generation Team