[Not Paying] [members turned off threadmanager] coingeneration.com suspicious activities lies misleading information indeed a scam

Ok folks, if you’re in the chat room of coingeneration.com It is becomming a scam now. No doubt! Coingeneration.com DG never delivered what it said to do to or saying it intend to do, never follow through, never live up to its promise. Many chatters in the chat room hopes that new members don’t fall for the same scam they’ve went through. The 20% commission referrals was a great deal, but unfortunately non of the members were able to withdraw that commission amount, on top of that coingeneration.com keep on taking money from new members and paid them about less than 20% back then no more payment. The logic that coingeneration.com came up on how it treat members are simply plain trick!

For old members, you will not be able to withdraw anything. If you see people in the chat said they withdraw some money, they’re not new members or not real members, a decoy, fake to support DG getting more members.

For new members, you will fall into the same trap, you paid $50 or so and get paid $1 daily, so happy right? and then you pay more and more for threads, and then you realized that the max payment are set at less than $25, and even with $25 a day you will not be able to withdraw request, if you’re lucky, the max you will get instant is $500 if anyone can prove that they’re real members and get $500 a month, no matter how many threads you, that’s the max.

For new members that fall into their trap by go out and work real hard to get referrals members under their name but just to find themselves cannot withdraw any amount of money make from commission because the withdraw amount is based on the amount of threads you have, 1 thread, $1 a day, 20 threads $20 a day, the rest of the money from commission you will never get it. This is to say if the Gateway Status turned green, and it hasn’t for a whole week, and no surprise it will stay red for a long time. Also keep in mind that the Gateway Status is configured in a way that it will display different for certain groups of members or types of members, no one know the exact logic, but it is there. Basically no money for old members or members that have lots of money to withdraw, new members will get some but just to trick them in getting more referrals and spend more.

Bank Transfer!? you can forget about it. According to chat room. It’s iffy now, bank transfer will be merely to get veterans members to fall into their trap of getting more referrals to think positive and talk positive. The Bank Transfer will stay in Process status for a long time, months after months and then cancelled back to their members account and then they will make up new stories.

Bottom line. Yes, coingeneration is closing out!, it’s a scam, what’s its doing today lately is simply to get more and more members to buy threads as it can, pay the members 10% ROI and then pocket 80% in preparation to run away. ANd NO! you can’t do anything about it! POLICE and FBI or whoever official you report to will not take action and possibly even call you a stupid person to give money to stranger. Coingeneration.com is not a real business, all its offices and phone# are virtual, fake offices, photoshop pictures, not registered, no one know who’s operating it, all private through virtual contact information. It will be difficulty or next to impossible to track these group of people down if things did fall apart, and it will this year 2013 if not then few months before September 2014. As it tries to milk as much as possible, as a matter of fact the owner probably ran away already with all the money, and left the site up for fun, one person operate it changing this and that for fun!