[Not Paying] Mtgox still have not wired people’s money yet for selling Bitcoin – stay away!

OK folks, I know most of you already know this, but for who doesn’t, especially folks in America USA. Do not do business with mtgox although you see the exchange rate for Bitcoin is very high, very very high actually than any other exchanger such as campbx, btc-e, bitstamp and so on.

The reason you folks fall for mtgox is because the value of bitcoin is very high and you think you can cash out much more money although it will take 5 days! ERRRRRRR WRONG!!!!!!!!! not 5 days, not 5 weeks, even months as many people already reported not getting a dime from mtgox wire transfer. Whatever problem mtgox have with wire transfer isn’t transparent, we can only guess. So, again, no money for you selling Bitcoin at mtgox, even some reported trouble getting money deposit to buy Bitcoin. What’s the deal? why mtgox still have the highest volumes? beats me, maybe those people customers are not US based customers, more of Asian and European, so US folks, better to deal with other exchanger not mtgox.

I personally also have pending transfer for 2 months, and everytime I email them for support, it takes them couple of days to answer and all answers were the same, sorry for the delay blah blah, working our best blah blah … You’re not going to get your money anytime soon.