[Not Paying SCAM] [Forum Deleted] [No respond from Support] IPUservices.com confirmed to be a SCAM

If many people don’t have enough proof yet, how about the deletion or removal of the forums? That’s right! IPUservices.com Forum had disappeared from, removed, deleted, no longer exist on IPUServices.com. This is one more reason if people still have hope IPUservices.com will pay. NO they’re SCAM over one month ago, at the end of October, they no longer pay or respond to any ticket or support question.

The game they play as mentioned many times already is the same as those other HYIP. At the beginning they have great plan, great news, proactive in answering questions and update to motivate members to buy in and invest with them, guess what? it work, IPUServices.com pocket over $200K in their pocket, and non of the investors or members division manager regional manager whatever, and even referrals, you’re screwed! You will not be able to dispute or get your money back, it’s gone. The truth of $200K is just an estimate, no doubt IPUServices.com ran away with more than $200K that’s 200,000.00 USD. That is a nice amount! Probably a lot better than other HYIP whom ran away the last minute.

The sad thing about this is that IPUServices.com and many others like it, HYIP, will keep on repeating the process, with new ideas, new ways, new website, new design, new fake hoax make up stories personality to motivate old and new investors, or should I say stupid investors that will spend money and expect to get money back, you’re screwed! just like many others.