[Not Paying SCAM] Geniuscapital.net is now a SCAM New Investors Do not fall for their trick

Sadly to say, Geniuscapital.net had turned out to be a SCAM sooner than anyone would have expected. If you’re using STP (Solidtrustpay), please do yourself a favor and contact STP report of Geniuscapital.net a SCAM. This way will protect yourself and many other people. Hopefully Geniuscapital.net have not emptied all the money in STP yet, but most likely just like any other HYIP they emptied the bank account already. Report to STP, so STP can frozen the account and within 6 months if there are money in there you would get it back. Whether money in there or not, you’re help other people as well. This is only for Solidtrustpay STP. For EGOPAY and PERFECT MONEY, you would need to contact them and report of SCAM, so the account be frozen as well, but the problem might be these HYIP outsmart us by creating multiple payment processors account, so even though if you report problem with one account, they might have already switched to a new account to get payment from other investors.

So please help other people so they fall into Geniuscapital.net trap, so sad to see many had invested thousands lately, and not they’re stuck, trapped, not getting paid. In addition to Geniuscapital.net  only 3-4 months old and already in the SCAM stage.

SCAM in this case, for Geniuscapital.net indications are: People getting paid consistently and instantly. Then they open chat room, promote even stronger, as a result many investors came in and invested, and they reached their peak and began to emptied their bank account and pay selective users to decrease the risk of being flag as SCAM, and eventually all payment goes into pending, and as time goes by they emptied all their bank account and stopped paying anyone. They will continue to leave the website running just like topcapitalist.com All these websites will continue to operate and they changed the payment processors account to accept new investors deposit, once new investor deposit into their newly created payment processors they will pay these new investors small amount enough to buy themself time to emptied the bank account, once the account emptied they will stop paying the new investors, so you’re looking at a 2% back from a 100% investment, they profit 80%. They will keep repeating this step forever and no one can stop them.

Again, please DO NOT INVEST in Geniuscapital.net  they are using a genius method of paying you only 2% to kill time in order to cash your money to bank account and emptied the bank account. They will keep creating new payment processors and change it constantly in order to accept your money, in this case you the new investors doesn’t know Geniuscapital.net new scam methods will keep on depositing money just like Topcapitalist.com. The website will keep running and they will focus on getting new investors money whom stupid doesn’t know this scam. So hope you’re not one of them.

In conclusion, I’m sadden that all HYIP are the same, we could think we can outsmart them, but not too many people succeeded, look like they outsmart us, take example Geniuscapital.net latest one.

Geniuscapital.net SCAM FRAUD trap you new investors

Geniuscapital.net SCAM FRAUD trap you new investors