[Paying DG Stock Founder] Coingeneration.com has been paying its Founder members DG Stock consistently

Let start of by saying that, if you still want to make money with coingeneration.com maybe for the next 3 months without issue, you want to consider purchasing the DG Stock Founder.

Knowing that coingeneration.com is a SCAM operation operating in a manipulative way. They are paying now to DG stock Founder. However the payment are very small. Let say you make $99 a day for the last 4 months, without being paid, and you converted to Founder, you get one thread, and you get $4 dividend, now you’re making $5 a day. Some say it’s better than nothing and they’re paying, I don’t know about that.

The manipulating method that coingeneration.com have is forcing its members have no choice but to join the DG Stock founder which is just a virtual make stock price they can change anytime they want to. Bottom line, coingeneration.com is in control. You are being manipulated, and there isn’t anything you can do about, no laws out there can help you much. Again coingeneration.com is not a company, no register, don’t even have real office, or staff working for them. They are virtual and probably have financial advisors that they go to for ideas and actions. They are right however, by saying, you have options, quit coingeneration.com or join them, you have option but really you are being manipulated, with all the money you earned in available balance now disappeared.

There are still hope, but again the word soon. Soon normal members will get paid, how about saying soon, as in soon pigs will fly. Eventually members stick would have to convert to DG stock in order to get paid, and the cycle continue.

So how to make money with coingeneration today? You can make money by referring more people in, and let them suffer if something like this happening in the future. While you profit from your ref. They spent money, you get 20% of their money. So that’s the best way to make money with coingeneration.com if you can convince new investors to join, but honestly many people invest online probably already this is a SCAM and it will happen again in a couple months, maybe same duration as it did just 4 months ago.

Be careful, be wary, do your research, and do not invest money you cannot afford to loose. Start off with nothing if you have internet online marketing skills, get people to invest instead of you investing.